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3D Print Animations With Dazz 3D

by Supriyadi

At the age of Industrial 4.0, 3D printing technology, which was called “the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, is developing rapidly. This technology enables the wildest dream and overthrows the traditional manufacturing industry. The unique forming technology changes aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mould processing, culture and art industries.

△Robot printed with Dazz 3D S130(Gray Resin)

1、Creativity and quick validation are two major demands for animation designers. With the continuous development of animation industry, consumer’s requirement for animation models gets higher. In this era of product-first, excellent animation models can capture consumers’ hearts at the first sight and arouse the desire to buy . In this case, 3D printing is the most suitable technology for animation designers to produce the model and achieve the change\verify the design in a extremely short time.

2、Quick market performance validation–3D printing technology enables rapid modeling for ideas and thus test the marketing response. Enterprises could judge if customers like the product with the help of 3D printing technology in a short time. Traditionally, enterprises need to design the product and do sampling and then order model for mass production. The long processing period costs so much money and resource while the market acceptance is not ensured. 3D printing technology helps enterprises to avoid market risk and to save costs.

△Dazz 3D S130 Printed Product(Gray Resin)
△Robot printed with Dazz 3D S130(After painting)

3D printing technology meets the needs of the fans of animation , and it promotes the change of animation industry.This technology brings surprise to us in manufacturing industry and brings joy to us in animation industry. With the company of these animation models, we feel like we are living our childhood once again!

Dazz 3D S130 Printer is a very good partner for animation industry!

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