Fast Printing I Easy To Use I High Precision

The Sonic XL 4K 3D printer is engineered with Monochrome LCD technology with 4K resolution offering speed, precision, and build area empowering professionals and hobbyist across 3D printing industry.


Phrozen Sonic XL 4K Features

Engineered for Speed
The monochrome LCD design amplifies transfarency, curing at up to 0.2 seconds for maximized speed
All about the fine print
4K resolution technology specifically designed for 3D printing offering microscopic precision.
Open Material System
Compatible not only for ALL LCD resins but also for DLP resins including bio-compatible materials..
Reliability = Less Maintenance
The thermal stable mono-LCD is highly heat resistant increasing lifetime to over 2000 hours! No more panic about maintenance.
Excellent Accuracy and Print Quality
Unlike convetional COB LED design, Phrozen uses paraLED (parallel UV LED matrix backlight system) giving the Sonic XL 4K the ability pass light through resin with complete uniformity.
3D Printing Made Easy
Start Printing within 5 minutes: Attach the building platform, fasten the resin vat, and upload the file with 3 clicks. The Sonic XL 4K will allow you to jump start your printing.
Package List
Phrozen Sonic XL 4K LCD 3D Printer comes in simple yet well-protected packaging which contains all the necessary parts you need to jump start your printing

System: Phrozen OS

Operation: 5 inch Touch Panel

Slicer Software: Phrozen 3D Powered by Formware

Connectivity: WiFi, Ethernet, USB

Technology: Resin 3D Printer- lCDType

Light Source: ParaLED® 3.0Module with 405nm UV-LED

XY Resolution: 50 µm

Layer Thickness: 0.01 -0,30mm

Printing Speed: 200 mm / hr

Power Requirement: AC I 00-240V-50/6OHz

Printer Size: L29 x W33 X H47 cm

Printing Volume: L19 x W12 x H20 cm

Printer Weight: 19.5 kg