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TPM SLS Nylon 3D Printer

Founded as a rapid prototyping service provider in 1999, TPM started with the research and development of SLS rapid prototyping technologies in 2004. In 2008, TPM launched its SLS addictive manufacturing systems with the Elite P4500 printer and the Precimid 1120 polymer powders. In 2014, TPM set up a joint venture with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Inc, providing world’s first-class SLS AM systems and materials in the brand of TPM3DTM and Precimid . Headquartered in Shanghai, TPM3D has an R&D center and a manufacturing facility in Zhongshan (Guangdong Province) , as well as a lab in Texas, US. TPM3D has obtained over 20 Chinese patents by far.

TPM3DTM SLS AM systems have been widely recognized as one of the best and most reliable solutions for small quantity production of direct parts with the features of compact size, no support design required, multi-level layout for positioning, automatic temperature control, expandable automatic self-feeding function, dust control, and unified interface, which are widely used in the aviation and automobile industries, education, and 3D printing service.

Material TPM SLS 3D Printer

What Materials Can Be Used In SLS 3D Printing Process?

Powder materials can be used in the SLS 3D printing process. There are relatively rich raw materials can be used, including metal, ceramic, coated sand and polymer powder, etc. The materials have self-supporting properties, and can be recycled. It is easy to produce the design with complex structures.

Applications TPM SLS 3D Printer

Applications Of TPM3D SLS 3D Printer

TPM3D SLS 3D printers are widely used in the field of automotive, medical, electronic, consumer goods, aerospace, education, cultural and creative.

TPM 3D TM SLS AM Systems

SpecsS320 S360
ChamberVolumeX.Y.Z. (mm) 320x320x600 360x360x600
Effective Building Volume X.Y.Z. (mm) 310x310x590 345x345x590
CO2 Laser Power (w) 60 60
Focus 3-Axis Dynamic Focus 3-Axis DynamicFocus 3-Axis Dynamic
Productivity (mm/hr) up to 20up to 20
Layer Thickness (mm) 0.1/0.12/0.15 0.1/0.12/0.15
Laser Focus Spot (mm)0.250.3
ScanSpeedupto (mm/s) 13,000 15,000
Main Unit Size (m) 1.3W*1.2D*1.9H 1.3W*1.3D*1.9H
Control Unit Size (m) 0.7W*1.1D*1.9H 0.7W*1.1D*1.9H
Main Unit Weight (Kg) 1250 1300
Max. Operation Temperature (Celsius) Platform 190/ Work Chamber 145Platform 190/ Work Chamber 145
Active Cooling--
Thermal Regulator for Control Cabinet--
Lifting Trolley Manual Manual
Oxigen Detector--
Parts Color White,Black or OthersWhite,Black or Others
OS & Data Preparation Software Windowsl0.O/ SolidView Pro RP, 64bitWindowsl0.O/ SolidView Pro RP, 64bit
Data Format STLSTL
Powder Feeding Type Twin Storage Bins,Twin powder FeederTwin Storage Bins,Twin powder Feeder
Recoater Smart Recoater BladeSmart Recoater Blade
Nitrogen Generator IntegratedIntegrated
Power Supply 380V, 3P/N/PE, 32A, 50Hz, 8KW380V, 3P/N/PE, 32A, 50Hz, 8KW